Find Articles (A step-by-step guide)

READ: Find an Article with a Citation (step-by-step guide)

From the Krueger Library homepage here are two ways to search our journals and other publications with a citation.

1) You can search by the journal/publication name/title. Use the Periodical tab and its search box. Find the journal, in which your article was published, in a database. Once you find the publication title click on it.

ext look for a section titled either "Available" or "Full Text Availability" and a list of database(s) . If you see "Full Text Availability" select the database with the "available from" publication date matching your citation. If you see only "Find it" you will need to request your article through our Resources Sharing-InterLibrary Loan service (See steps below).


2) Use Citation Linker (Find it!). You can search by article citation information (journal title, article title, publication date, volume, issue, DOI).

  1. On the library homepage under the main search box, click on the CitationLinker (Find it!).
  2. Fill in the citation information.
    If you have the DOI (What's a DOI?), fill in only the DOI.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. From the list or results, select the correct journal or publication title.
  5. Next you will see a list of databases. Under the "Availability" header, select the database with the correct "available from" publication date.
  6. Under most circumstances, you will be taken to the full text of the article. If not, you will see a PDF or HTML link, an option to "search within the journal" for the article title, or you will scroll down or click through to the correct volume and issue.
  7. Some articles are available in print and can be found in the Bound or Current Periodicals. Others are available on Microform, which requires the use of a Microform reader.
  8. The Find it Krueger Library Connect to full text button searches our other databases for your publication and article.  If no full text is available at WSU, you can request the article from another library:
    • Look for the Find it section and sign in with your StarID and your password.
    • All of the necessary article information will be filled in automatically. Check for accuracy.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page, check the copyright box, and click Submit.

If the title doesn't appear, go directly to the Krueger Library's Resource Sharing page to submit an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request for the article. Look for the blank ILL form, under the How Do I Request Items section, Blank ILL Form.

The Resource Sharing information can be found linked on the library's homepage under the main search box. 

VIEW: Find an Article with a Citation (step-by-step)