About Us

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Darrell W. Krueger Library is the center of research, discovery, and creative output at Winona State University.

Built in 1999, the building has honored WSU President Darrell W. Krueger since April 29, 2005, the year he retired.

Krueger Library has over 479,855 print and e-volumes, access to more than 150 databases and is a U.S. Federal Depository with more than 20,000 government resources in paper and 100,000 in microfilm formats.


The mission of the Darrell W. Krueger Library is to provide our community of learners with the information resources and services they need in an environment conducive to learning.


  • Community of learners: Primary users are current students, faculty and staff at Winona State University. Secondary users include WSU retirees. Tertiary users include WSU alumni, other students in Minnesota, regional educators and businesses and the general public.
  • Resources: The information resources include books, periodicals, databases, video, audio, images, indexes, catalogs, maps, and texts of all types.
  • Services: Our services include acquiring, licensing, locating, and providing access to resources; research consultation and assisting patrons; and instructional programs.
  • Needs: We primarily provide for patron needs centered around the curriculum and the learning process at Winona State University, and secondarily for more general needs for information.
  • Environment: The learning environment includes traditional physical space (shelves, study space, group study rooms, furnishings, network connectivity etc.), social environment (policies and programs) and the online information environment.

Our Goals

We apply our mission to the work that we do in order to achieve these goals:

  1. To engage collaboratively with WSU educational processes and initiatives.
  2. To develop and maintain scholarly resources which satisfy the needs of our community of learners.
  3. To provide and maintain access to information resources our users may need.
  4. To maintain clear communication with our community of learners.
  5. To provide services and programs designed to assist users with the navigation, management, and effective use of the complex world of information.
  6. To provide effective personal assistance at public service desks.
  7. To encourage skills and professional development for library personnel.
  8. To continue to develop and maintain a student centered learning environment.

Front Desk

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