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Library Policies

The mission of the Krueger Library is to provide our community of learners with the information resources and services they need in an environment conducive to learning. To that end, we ask that our community to observe the following policies.

  • Determined on a case-by-case basis, patrons are responsible for any damages that may occur during use.
  • No food, drink, permanent writing tools (i.e. pen, markers, highlighters, etc.), or cutting tool, is allowed.
  • Pencils are allowed.
  • Consult a librarian before scanning or photographing. All copyright right laws apply.
  • The librarian on duty will retrieve the requested material(s) from the materials rooms.
  • Once you have finished using the material(s), you must inform the librarian so that the librarian can return the material(s).
  • During weekends and semester breaks, if the librarian on duty leaves the building, you must exit the Archives & Special Collections area as well as leave all materials in the area. You can resume work in the Archives & Special Collections once the librarian returns.

Materials are non-circulating and should not leave the Archives & Special Collections, but exceptions, such as a loan to a historical society, a secured display on campus, or for instructor’s use in a classroom, are at the discretion of the Archives and Special Collections Librarian, Allison Quam.

At the Front Desk you can check out books and DVDs, pick up resource sharing and reserve items, and renew books in person. You will need your WSU ID or a courtesy card. For more information please visit the Borrow and Renew page.

Flyers, handouts, or handbills may only be posted on the Plexiglass boards in the library entrance area. Materials posted on the library's walls and furnishings, or materials left on tables, will be removed (See Winona State Regulation 4-4)

Handouts, pamphlets, newspapers, newsletters, etc. from official WSU organizations (departments, programs, clubs, teams, etc.) may be distributed on the slat-wall in the library entrance area or distributed from their own racks, provided that the racks do not damage the library building, furnishings, or intrude on library operations.

Posters must be submitted to the Front Desk for approval prior to setting up in the library's atrium.

You may enjoy food and non-alcoholic drinks in Krueger Library. However, please respect other folks who are using the library.

All of us aim to keep our building clean and our collections preserved. Please notify library staff of any spills or maintenance needs.

Just as you would when eating outdoors, we ask that you leave no trace.


Krueger Library has adapted the following Leave No Trace principles of outdoor ethics to its food and drink policy.

  • Plan ahead and prepare: When possible, plan to eat your meals before you come to the library.
  • Dispose of waste properly: Place food and drink garbage in trash cans; place recyclables in recycling bins.
  • Leave what you find: Leave library resources, furnishings, and equipment as you found them--or in better condition than you found them.
  • Be considerate of other visitors: Respect the next library user and the next generation of library users.

We thank Folke Bernadotte Library at Gustavus Adolphus College for their permission to adapt their food and drink policies for our library.

  • Deposit all recyclable food and drink packaging in the recycling bins located throughout the library
  • Deposit all non-recyclable food and drink garbage in the trash receptacles located throughout the library
  • Pack it in, pack it out: carry out any non-disposable dishes, silverware, etc. that you bring into the library
  • If you must dispose of beverages, pour liquids into the bathroom sink before recycling or throwing away the containers
  • Place food and drink garbage in trash cans carefully to avoid splattering food and drink on the walls and library materials
  • Report accidental spills to library staff as soon as possible. Also, please attempt to clean spills using materials from self-cleaning stations located around the building
  • If your food or drink generates complaints from other library patrons, you may be asked to remove it from the library
  • Food deliveries are permitted only if you meet the delivery at the front entrance

Following the guidelines above will help us achieve our goals:

  • To promote consideration of other visitors: respect the next library user and the next generation of library users
  • To promote recycling of appropriate food and drink packaging
  • To preserve our library collections and protect our facility from pests and harmful molds
  • To help to ensure the health and safety of all library users and a long life for library collections, furnishings and equipment
  • To respect our hard-working custodial staff by taking responsibility for our personal behavior
  • To allow us to direct library funds to purchasing library materials that support the curriculum, rather than to replacing resources, furnishings and equipment damaged by food and drink.


In open areas, groups should be aware of others studying around them and use common sense and courtesy so as not to disturb others.

If a specific space is needed for faculty or campus groups, see the Hosting Events section.

Group study rooms are designated for group study by the WSU community and can be reserved online. The rooms are not soundproof, so please be courteous of your neighbors.

Study Room Policies
  • Please do not sign up for a room if you do not plan to use it
  • If you do not show up 15 minutes after your reservation, another user can use that room for the remainder of the time (until the next reservation)
  • A maximum of three hours per slot
  • One slot per day for each individual user
  • No more than two slots per week for each individual user
  • A week is defined as Monday through Sunday
  • Reservations cannot be made more than 7 days in advance
  • Reservations in violation of the above polices will be automatically deleted. If you have questions, visit the Front Desk for assistance.

The Dean of the Library makes final decisions regarding the prior scheduling of all library spaces. See the library staff person on duty if you have questions.

Faculty & Staff Use During Summer

Contact your Dean or supervising administrator. Exhaust all possible space options outside the library. The first priority for study rooms is for WSU students. Then have your Dean contact the Dean of the Library. The Dean of the Library and the Library department will assess the need for usage of study room or library space. Preference will be given to displaced full-time staff and faculty that are teaching summer courses.

Contact the Dean of the Library or the Chair of the Library Department to request a space for an event. Please include details such as the date and time.


Requests are reviewed and approved by the Library Department and sent to the Dean of the Library for final approval. The Department considers:

  • Appropriateness of event to library mission
  • Impact on library services
  • Availability of staff
  • Availability of security (for events held outside of library hours)

Once the Dean of the Library approves the event, the event coordination will be through a designated library contact person.

Note: The group that is requesting library space usage is responsible for coordinating all of the event’s needs. The library contact should work with the requesting group to:

  • Coordinate and communicate with the Dean of the Library and appropriate library personnel
  • Determine and coordinate the equipment needs for the event
  • Coordinate and request facilities services for event set up and take down
  • Coordinate cleanup with custodians to protect collection and equipment in the library

The classroom is central to the library’s mission in providing library instruction. Priority is given to library instruction of WSU students by library faculty.

A class or group not taught by library faculty may use room 107 for a maximum of three (3) class periods during a semester, pending availability.

Room 107 is also available on a limited basis Monday – Friday, 7:30am–10pm for use by non-library groups.

Reservations for functions other than library instruction of WSU students may be made up to seven days prior to the date. Special events and meetings may be scheduled earlier with Library Administration approval. Please use the WSU Virtual EMS to request a reservation.

As demand warrants and scheduling permits, the room can be opened up during peak usage times for student study space.

Winona State University (WSU) is an academic community committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment of learning. It has a vested interest in the safety and well being of members of the University and broader community, and in the promotion and protection of the University’s educational mission.


Krueger Library works to maintain a comfortable and inviting environment for all library users. All patrons of the library are expected to comply with all Winona State and Minnesota State Colleges and University policies. In order to protect these rights, university personnel will enforce the following policies:

  • Appropriate dress must be worn, including shirt and shoes
  • Patrons 15 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult
  • All technologies connecting to the WSU campus networks are subject to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities’ wireless, computer and Internet use policy MN State 5.22
    • Content displayed on screens of all personal devices in the library connecting to the university networks are subject to the policies.
    • All public research workstations support the research, study, and professional activities of non-University users and are subject to the computer use policy. Finally, some restrictions on certain applications based on vendor contracts and licensing may apply.
  • Behaviors or illegal activities which are not allowed include, but are not limited to:
    • Exhibiting any threatening or intimidating behaviors which create a disturbance to other patrons or to University staff, e.g., abusive language, threats of violence or any type of harassment
    • Bringing animals in the library unless they are service animals as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act or unless special permission is granted for University organized events
    • Engaging in any sexual activities, including, but not limited to, exposure, offensive touching, or sexual harassment of patrons or library staff
    • Interference with other patrons or library staff. This includes engaging in conversation or behavior that monopolizes the attention of a staff member for an inappropriate period of time; or refusing to comply with staff requests
    • Engaging in behavior that is potentially unsafe or harmful to self or others
    • Misuse or damage of library property
    • Unauthorized use of alcoholic beverages or illegal use of drugs (WSU’s Alcohol and Other Drug Policy)
    • Students and staff may not carry firearms, as part of the MN State Possession or Carry of Firearms Policy 5.21 (Some members of the general public may have conceal and carry permits)

Patrons in violation of these policies will be given a verbal warning, or as appropriate, WSU Security or Winona Police will be called.

Questions can be directed to the Dean of the Library.

The 108 classroom is central to the library and the Digital Learning Commons' missions in providing services for students. Priority is given to library instruction and Digital Learning Commons workshops.

A class or group not taught by the above groups may use room 108 for a maximum of three (3) class periods during a semester, pending availability.

Room 108 is also available on a limited basis Monday – Friday, 7:30am–10pm for use by other WSU groups.

Reservations for functions other than library instruction of WSU students may be made up to seven days prior to the date. Special events and meetings may be scheduled earlier with Library Administration approval. Use the WSU Virtual EMS to request a reservation.

As demand warrants and scheduling permits, the room can be opened up during peak usage times for student study space.

Library liaisons work with academic departmental faculty and the students to build and manage the library collection. Factors we consider when adding or withdrawing items from the collection include: the appropriateness of the item for coursework and research the item’s fundamental value (such as having won an award or being heavily cited) local interest (such as the author being a WSU faculty member) the physical condition of the item whether the item is available in digital form online.

For information about department fund allocations, see Library Materials Purchasing.

The library is a popular place for the WSU community for studying, learning and working. While using the library, follow the lead of the others around you to learn about which activities would be acceptable on each floor and in each space. Most importantly, please respect one another and the space.

General Etiquette

  • Turn cell phones to silence or off
  • If you need to an answer a call, please wait until you are outside the building
  • If you take a call in the Atrium or front entrance of the library, your voice will carry all the way to the third floor
  • The stairwells are like echo chambers; voices carry throughout the building
  • Use headphones and keep the volume low enough that others around will not hear what you are hearing

Krueger Library is open to the public. Whether you are a student at another university, a resident in the Winona community, or just a visitor passing through town, the library’s facilities are available for your use.

Students and Staff of Other Universities
Students and staff from universities within the MnPALS system may check out library materials and log onto the public computers with their university ID cards.

Community Courtesy Cards
Community members and students and staff members of non-MnPALS institutions who want to check out library materials or intend to use the public computers on a recurring basis may apply for a courtesy card at the circulation desk. An application form must be completed and a valid a photo ID is required. The account is valid for one year. Courtesy cards are issued to patrons 18 years of age and older. Patrons between 16 and 18 years old can apply for a courtesy card account with parent or guardian permission.

Guest Passes
One-time users (such as guests visiting WSU for the day) can obtain a guest pass to log onto the public computers. Guests must show a photo ID and sign in at the circulation desk. A guest pass is valid for a maximum of two hours and can only be used once. If a patron signs out of the computer before the two hours are up, they will forfeit the remaining time. Guest passes will not be issued to patrons with courtesy cards.

Public Computer Access
The library has four computers available for public use. All machines are PCs. Internet access on these computers is subject to some content restrictions.

The following rules and restrictions apply:

  • Every patron is allotted a maximum of two hours of computer usage per day.
  • Sound must be played through headphones or earbuds. The library does not provide this equipment to public patrons.
  • Courtesy card holders may sign out of their session and sign back in later.
  • One guest pass will issued per patron per day. Guest passes are good for one sign in.
  • Installation of programs or software is prohibited.
  • All computer users are required to adhere to state and federal laws and to Minnesota State technology policies.

Research Computer
In addition to the four public terminals, the library has one computer that is specifically intended for research. This computer has no content restrictions. Use of the research computer is allowed at the discretion of the librarian staffing the reference desk.

Public Printing
A printer is available for public computer users. Printing costs $0.10 per page. A double sided page counts as two pages.

A document scanner is available for creating PDF files. The use of the scanner is free, but requires a personal USB storage device.

The Krueger Library building is a unique facility. Unlike other campus buildings, it includes materials and equipment that are accessible to all individuals in the physical building.

Krueger Library has the following items located in unsecured public areas: computers, books, DVDs, videotapes, CDs, microfilm equipment, microforms, printers, other technology equipment and artwork. For this reason, it is important that certain security standards must be met when the library building is used for events, meetings and other activities with people outside official library staff.

If the building needs to be open at times other than the official building hours the following needs to occur:

  • Approval by the Dean of the Library as well as coordination with the Dean of the Library and Library Department
  • An approved Library student or staff member who is trained to monitor front entrance and gate alarms to be present during the event. If only a student assistant is available to work, a WSU security staff member will need to be present with the student worker. Funding for the additional staff hours will need to be arranged by the party requesting usage of the facility.
  • Arranging for a responsible WSU staff person, approved for security and library procedures, to open the building and supervise the front entrance. A student cannot be solely responsible for the building.
  • The library needs a minimum of two weeks to schedule staff for a requested event. Contact the Library’s Administrative Assistant (LAA). The LAA will bring the request to the Dean of the Library and the Library Department.

Events with Food or Beverages
Groups planning to serve food or drinks at events in the library must get approval by the Dean of the Library. The Dean will notify and coordinate with custodial staff to schedule for additional cleaning of the facilities. The requestor will pay for the cost of any additional staff.

If possible, it is best that food and beverages be limited to a specific area. Food and beverages are not allowed around computer equipment or microfilm areas. Please keep food and beverages at a distance from the library books and periodicals.

The first priority of library storage space is for library-related materials.

Contact the Dean of the Library for permission to use storage space for non-Library purposes. The Dean of the Library is responsible for and authorizes use of storage areas.

Front Desk / Circulation

    (507) 457-5151