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University Art Collections

This page provides and overview for Winona State University's Art Collection. You will find collection highlights and links to artworks in OpenRiver: Digital Collections

Winona State University Art Collection

Winona State University's Art Collection is curated and overseen by the Art Collection Committee - All University Advisory Committee. The Dean of Liberal Arts is the lead WSU Administrator for this All University Committee.

Library Art

The Winona State University Library has art display through out the building. The first art in the library was selected and funded through the state of Minnesota Percent for Art.

Darrell W. Krueger LIbrary - Percent for Art  include the Krueger LIbrary Atrium terrazzo floor, a weaving, and several paintings

Art collections in the Library were selected and funded by individual donors. Here are the digital collections. Select art from these collections can be viewed in the Krueger Library.

  • Weber Collection - The Vase with Flowers by Max Weber was originally on display in the Krueger Library. The Oarsman and The Football Players both by Max Weber were once on display in Krueger Library. The Weber Collection is currently not available for viewing in person.
  • Bublitz Collection- Portions of the Bublitz Collection are displayed in Krueger Library. 
  • End of the Trail reproduction by James Earle Fraser,  2nd floor of Krueger Library
  • 4 Fredric Remington reproductions, 2nd floor of Krueger Library
  • Redlich Collection - not currently on display
  • Krueger Collection - Southwestern American weavings, 2nd floor Krueger Library
  • President Darrell W. Krueger Portrait - 1st floor Krueger Library