Find Articles (A step-by-step guide)

READ: Request an Article WSU Does Not Have (A step-by-step guide)

When WSU does not have a book you need, our Resource Sharing (InterLibrary Loan) service will get it for you.

  1. From the library homepage, select the Citation Linker (Find it!) link under the OneSearch Box.  Or use the FindIt! button integrated, associated with a citation, into our databases.
  2. Using the Citation Linker to search your citation information (article title, author, journal name +).
  3. Once you've searched and find that WSU does not have access use the Resource Sharing process to request your document/article.
  4. Sign in with your StarID, in the Find It section, in yellow. Next click on Resource Sharing and follow the request process as found in this video.
    • Next in the Find It section you should now see Resource Sharing - InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Click on it.
    • All of the article information, you previously entered, should fill in automatically. Check for accuracy.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page, check the Copyright law box, and click Send Request.
  5. When your Resource Sharing article or chapter is ready you there are two ways you can receive the full text from Resource Sharing. 
    • First you may receive a Notification Item letter as an email from
      • Current faculty, staff, and students use the "StarID" link to login.
      • Retirees and community patrons use the "local library" link to login with your barcode and password.
    • Or the alternative method of delivery is you may receive an "article request" email with an attachment from

Note: If you receive your article as a link, you have a limited time to download it. It will be removed in 30 days or after 8 viewings. Please save it to your device before this time elapses. If you encounter any problems, please respond to the email you receive and we will resend the article as an attachment.

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