Find Articles (A step-by-step guide)

How to access the full article using Find It!


Some databases will link to the full-text of the article, while others provide the article citation.

  1. In your database search result, you may see a link for PDF or HTML, which means that you can view, download, email, print the article from that database. Or, ...

  2. You will see the button either below the brief article information or when you click on the title to view the article record.

  3. Click on the "Check for Full Text" button and a new window will pop up showing full text options at WSU.

  4. Check the publication year of your article.

  5. Then under the "Full Text" header, select the database with the correct "available from" date.

  6. Under most circumstances, you will be taken to the full text of the article. If not, you will see a PDF or HTML link, an option to "search within the journal" for the article title, or you will scroll down or click through to the correct volume and issue.

  7. Some articles are available in print and can be found in the Bound or Current Periodicals. Others are available on Microform, which requires the use of a Microform reader. If you are new to Microfilm, please ask for assistance from one of the service desks.

  8. If when you click on the  button and no full text is available at WSU, you can request the article from another library:

    • Click Request this Item via WSU Interlibrary Loan.

    • Enter your StarID and the password associated with your StarID, OR:
    • Enter your barcode number (on the back of your Warrior ID) and your password (your last name).

    • All of the necessary article information will be filled in automatically. Check for accuracy.

    • Scroll to the bottom of the page, check the copyright box, and click Go.