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February 2023

Coming Soon (after the Frozen River Film Festival) : Film Studies Student Projects Collection

The Film Studies Student Projects Collections presents student work for Dr. Danielle Schwartz's Film Studies course which is part of the Film Studies Program in the Winona State University (WSU) English Department.  These projects allow students to showcase their growing creative and technical skills and demonstrate their well-rounded knowledge and understanding of the medium of film and its history. The Film Studies Program is part of the WSU English Department.

January 2023

Great River Reading Series - New Presentation - Jean Prokott

December 2022

The Living History Oral History Project presents the next installment of 4 video of retired WSU personnel. Learn about Amy Welsh, Dr. Carol Jefferson, Dr. Nancy Olga Jannik, and Dr. Peter Henderson.

October 2022

Dancescape Promotional Poster Collection

In partnership with the Theatre & Dance Department, Dance faculty - Gretchen Cohenour and Erin Drummond, and the Library, the Dancescape Poster Collection is now available in OpenRiver. Twenty plus years of Dancescape promotional posters showcase the graphic design and the amazing creative work of our Theatre & Dance Department faculty and students from across the university. Dancescape performances can be viewed at the Winona State website (Marcomm maintained) and the videos are linked in OpenRiver.

August 2022

CLASP Lecture Series site

 CLASP is the Consortium of Liberal Arts and Science Promotion lecture series initiated in 2004. It is intended to promote interdisciplinary discussion and exchange.

CLASP presentations are aimed at a general audience of students, faculty and the community and are an exciting opportunity for faculty at any stage of their academic career to engage with the WSU community and share their scholarship. The series welcomes individual or panel presentations from any field of study and provides an inclusive platform for scholarship that has already been completed or remains in-progress.

June 2022

Early Year Research & Creative Mentoring Collection

Communication Project - Reviewing options department level communication of approvals for theses, dissertation, and capstone collections.  IT Project, Graduate Studies, and related departments.

Oral History  Collaboration -  Famine Foods History, Winona Community Project - Summer project

April 2022

Ramaley Research Celebration, Community Creative Achievement (Rochester), Early Year Research & Creative Mentoring, and Research Day

Women's Gender, and Sexuality Studies - a first collection  of student writing - Feminist and Queer Praxis

February 2022

Film Reel digitization for WSU Football - a work in progress

January 2022

Counselor Education Syllabi Collection - Syllabi are available from 2002-spring 2022. Some years do not have all syllabi. The syllabi were provided by the Counselor Education Department.

December 2021

Living History Project - the latest 4 videos are now available.

Counselor Education Syllabi Collection - Syllabi available 2016-2021, Work in progress for older syllabi.

November 2021

Great River Reading Series Fall 2021 Lecture by Michael Kleber-Diggs.

Counselor Education Syllabi Collection - In production fall 2021

June 2021

Student Life & Development (SLD) Annual Reports

The Student Life & Development Annual Reports is now online. In partnership with Vice President Denise McDowell and SLD the most recent 5 annual reports are available for viewing.  Other past annual reports may be uploaded to the collection.

Education Studies Masters Papers - Graduate Studies Rochester

The collection is accepting department approved student submissions Summer 2021.

Special Education Professional Papers

The collection is accepting approved department student submissions Summer 2021.  Summer 2020 submissions may also be uploaded.

Winona State University Theme Event Series

In partnership with the 2021 Theme team Katie Subra and Susan Pham and the WSU MarComm unit OpenRiver will preserve the WSU University themes information and some content for each year. In progress: Information from past university themes will be added to the Event series.

May 2021

Great River Reading Series -

The Winona State University English Department's Great River Reading Series (GRRS) spring 2021 is now online. "The John S. Lucas Great River Reading Series brings poets, fiction writers and non-fiction writers to WSU each year. The writers visit creative writing and literature classes, meet with students, and give a public reading." - WSU English Department

The GRRS spring 2021 series starts by showcasing Delta Eddy, who is retiring from WSU this spring. She will continue to be with us in digital form reading her poetry. Then listen to Jennifer (Jennie) Case, one of WSU’s Alum who is a wonderful example of what WSU English majors become. Finish this year’s series with Kimberly Blaeser, who is from UW-Milwaukee and the Institution of American Indian Arts. She reads from her book of poems, Copper Yearning, as well as some of her new work.


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