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Overview of Journals in OpenRiver

There are two journals housed in OpenRiver. Each journal has its own editorial board, calls for submissions, review process, and guidelines. Please visit the journal home pages for more information, including contact information. When journals are accepting submissions there is a link titled Submit Article in the left side navigation bar on the journal's landing page.

Essays in Education

Journal of Advancing Education Practice

READ: Submitting an Article to an OpenRiver Journal Step-by-Step

Instructions for Submitting an Article to an OpenRiver Journal

Find a journal in OpenRiver. Read the mission, article scope, and submission information. 

To submit an article to a journal

  1. Create an individual account with OpenRiver - 
    Select My Account from the horizontal navigation bar to create an account. This login information is not connected to your starID, however you can use your WSU email address and create a unique password.
  2. Login to your OpenRiver on the "My Account" page with your new login.
  3. Navigate to the Journal's home page.
  4. The left hand vertical navigation will have an option to Submit Article. Click on this link and follow the instructions to prepare, share descriptive information, and upload your article file for review.
  5. If you have questions contact the editors for each respective journal.

Journals in OpenRiver

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