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Live Poster Sessions - Prepare Your Laptop

Steps to make sure presenters are logged into Zoom correctly for presenting: 


Best Practices for Presenting: 

  • During your poster session make sure you are signed out of Microsoft Outlook (it dings when you get mail) or other email programs. 
  • Sign out of other programs and close other web browser windows. Remember when you share your screen others may see what’s on your screen or save on your desktop. 
  • Have the poster PDF or Powerpoint saved to your local hard drive and share from there.  It is best not to share documents stored on the network to eliminate potential problems. 
  • Share the application Powerpoint or PDF of the poster screen only.  sharing an application or screen in Zoom 
  • Practice sharing your screen before your presentation time if you have never done this. 
  • Make sure to charge your laptop overnight.  
  • Shut off any devices which may interfere with your wireless or internet connectivity. 
  • Use headphones to eliminate background noise. 
  • Learn more about Breakout rooms

Inappropriate attendees:

  • Can notify the faculty hosts via Private Message Chat if you need assistance.  (Kendall Larson, Thomas Nalli, Tom Hill, Peggy Welshons)
  • You can also just leave the breakout room

Instructions for the Ramaley Research Celebration 2021

Winona State University (WSU) Ramaley Research Celebration will host live poster sessions by our student researchers. Sessions are scheduled from 1-1:45pm, 2-2:45pm, and 3-3:45pm on April 14, 2021. The WSU Ramaley Research Celebration schedule will be available after April 4, 2021 at the 2021 Ramaley Research Celebration site.

There are two presentation methods listed below. Instructions for each presentation method are listed in this guide. Instructions to upload your Poster PDF or your Pre-recorded presentation are below. 

1. Live Zoom Poster Presentation. Create a poster. After you finish your poster upload the PDF file to OpenRiver.

2. Pre-Recorded Presentation with your Powerpoint or poster (PDF).  Upload your video (mp4 file) to OpenRiver. 

Create Your Poster

1. Create a Poster Presentation (Note: This year you need only a PDF file of your poster).

2. Create an OpenRiver account and upload your Poster PDF and poster session information (authors and abstracts). See step-by-step instructions in the "Upload to OpenRiver" section below.

Instructions for Live Zoom Presentations [Posters]

The Zoom link will be shared via the 2021 Ramaley Research Celebration on the April 14, 2021. We will also share it with student presenters via a direct email. 

1. You will present your poster in a Zoom breakout room Be ready to share your poster PDF file with attendees in your breakout room. 

Create a Pre-Recorded Video [Oral Presentations]

Pre-Recorded Video Option (Note: you will need to upload your recorded video file to OpenRiver)

1. Record your video with Kaltura (recommended). Other recording options are acceptable. You will need to record your video and then go to step 

If you prefer Zoom, so note that the quality may not be as good a a Kaltura recording.

2. Download the video file of your recording to your laptop (mp4 file preferred).

3. OpenRiver - Upload your video file to the Ramaley Research Celebration Event 2021. See the section titled Upload to OpenRiver Uploading in the next box.

Upload to OpenRiver

Poster Presentations and pre-recorded videos need to be uploaded to OpenRiver. To upload your video file to the Ramaley Research Celebration Event 2021 follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Ramaley Research Celebration Event 2021
  2. Create an account (look for the "My Account" link in the upper grey horizontal navigation bar.

  3. Login to OpenRiver.  STEP 4 is essential, please read it carefully.
  4. From your My Account logged in page use the Submit Research link. Next Scroll down till you find the "Ramaley Research Celebration". It is located in the section under the "Oral Histories." Click on the Ramaley Research Celebration. This should bring you to the entry form for submitting your Research Presentation information.
    ramaley research celebration link
  5. Next you will enter in the title of your research, abstract, all author's first and last names, and additional descriptive information. 
  6. Once all information is entered and you've chosen a file to upload. Select the Submit button. Only click it once. Make sure to keep this webpage open until you receive a successful submission message. This may take a few minutes for a Poster PDF and longer for a pre-recorded MP4 video file. If you have chosen to upload "Additional Files" you will receive a prompt to do so after the primary file has been uploaded.
  7. Ideally if you can upload all your descriptive information and files (video and/or poster) posted by Friday this helps us create the official online schedule. Deadline -- Late Monday night, so that we can have the schedule posted for attendees and troubleshoot any problems you have with uploading.  And also so you can review the schedule.

Please email Kendall Larson with questions.



  1. The second, back up, way to add your presentation information is to use the home page for the Ramaley Research Celebration Event 2021 linked hereLook for the "Submit Presentation" link in the grey vertical navigation menu.  
  2. OpenRiver Research Celebration 2021 Login submit

Ramaley Research Celebration 2021

Ramaley Research Celebration 2021 Logo and Site Link

Need Assistance?

Research Celebration schedule questions contact Tom Nalli

Technical questions about creating a poster or recording a video contact the Digital Learning Commons (DLC).

OpenRiver questions contact Kendall Larson.