Education Doctorate: Start Guide for Graduate Level Research

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The WSU Library has a modest collection of researched materials. For most research topics, you will be able to locate credible books within our collection. Use the WSU Library Catalog (linked below) to locate books in our library. 


If the Krueger Library Doesn't Have It

For dissertations and for some topics you may discover that the Krueger library does not own enough books or other materials for you to develop a thoughtful and in-depth understanding of the topic. The Krueger Library has a modest sized when you compare to the University of Minnesota or University of Wisconsin. We have a system to request books, articles, films, music scores, CDs, or other materials, from other libraries. Our Resource Sharing-InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service does all the work to get an item for you. This service is not for textbooks; textbooks are available at the WSU bookstore.

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WSU Dissertations

A copy of each Winona State University Education doctorate dissertation is located in OpenRiver, WSU's Institutional Repository. OpenRiver is a work in progress.  A growing number of dissertations, theses and capstone papers can also be found in the WSU Library Catalog. If you are not a student near Winona, these resources can be requested through our Interlibrary Loan services (ILL or Resources Sharing).