MECP 600: Foundations of Multicultural Education

This library guide will provide an introduction to library resources and research approaches for foundational multicultural education. "Foundations of Multicultural Education is the first course in the Multicultural Education Certificate program (MECP)

Keywords: Try Different Combinations

Categories of Multicultural Education Theory

  • Conservative Multiculturalism: Teaching the Exceptional and Culturally Different Approach
  • Liberal Multiculturalism: Human Relations Approach
  • Critical Multiculturalism
  1. Single-Group studies
  2. Cultural Pluralism
  3. Social Reconstructionist

Brainstorm Keywords and Synonyms

Conservative Multiculturalism

"conservative multiculturalism" (quotes will return items which have these words in this word order)

Exceptional and Culturally Different Approach

Multicultural Education

Critical Multiculturalism

Critical Multicultural Education

"Critical Multicultural" 

Liberal Multiculturalism

"Liberal multiculturalism"

Human relations approach

Culturally responsive teaching

Teacher Training


Curriculum OR Curricula


Additional Keywords for your use:

Critical Race Theory

Critical Theory

Differentiation (Sociology)

Critical Pedagogy

Language & Culture

Education --- United States --- Sociological Aspects

Minority Students   

Cultural Competence    

Cultural Literacy    

Teacher Education    

Culturally Responsive Teaching 


Bilingual Education   

Anti-bias curriculum

Critical Multicultural Education: Articles


Castagno, A.E. (2009). Making sense of multicultural education: A synthesis of the various typologies found in the literature. Multicultural Perspectives, 11(1),43-48. [login with your StarID to access, also in D2L].

2. CREATE your digital presentation

Check your syllabus for the questions you need to address in your visual presentation assignment. For your presentation you will need to identify typologies of multicultural education theory, prominent scholars, locate visual aids.   

3. LOCATE  a peer reviewed article 

The article should discuss critical multicultural education or critical multiculturalism. The article(s) will be used for additional assignments.

Step 1: Select a database(s) or other resources to search. See the Find Articles page for a list of databases. 

Top databases in which to start your search are (each database title is found on each page linked below):

See other databases listed on the Find Articles page.

Step 2:  Develop keywords to search. See the examples listed in the Keywords box below. Need more help? See the Search Strategies page or contact a librarian. Start with a basic search. Add addition keywords related to interest or focus of study or find keywords within the first list of articles you find.

Phrase Searching:
To find an exact phrase, use double quotes, such as "critical multiculturalism" or "multicultural education". Using quotes will find your keywords in this exact word order positioned next to each other.

Limiters date and subject headers:
Each database has features to narrow your search, by date of publication, type of publication (Scholarly, trade, popular periodicals), by subject categories. After your initial search look for the side vertical navigation.

Step 3: Once you have found an article or two, check the journal title to make sure it is a scholarly/peer-reviews source and the review the article to make sure it is a research article. Some databases will provide information within each article as to the Journal and basic information (scholarly, trade, popular, newspapers etc.). You may need to check the journal's home page to verify its purpose.

Step 4: Choose how you will save your progress. Where will you keep your citations?

Find Visual Aids

Beyond Youtube, you can search for videos through these sources below: 

Tips: Searching on Youtube

Find videos on Youtube. Here some ways to limit and expand your searches? 

As you saw on the Search Strategies page, many databases allow you to use Boolean Operators to customize searches. Youtube allows operators that are a little different. 

  • Instead of using the word AND  try using a + sign to force Youtube to include the second keyword. 

For example -- "multicultural education" + critical

  • Instead of using the word NOT try using a  -  sign to exclude a word from your search.

For example -- "multicultural education" - "cultural competence"

Focus Your Search

In each database there is a way to refine and narrow your results. Consider filtering by date of publication, subject terms, type of publication and more.

Refine Results in EBSCO databases 

Refine Results in Proquest databases