MECP 600: Foundations of Multicultural Education

This library guide will provide an introduction to library resources and research approaches for foundational multicultural education. "Foundations of Multicultural Education is the first course in the Multicultural Education Certificate program (MECP)

How to Cite

When working on a large research project, it is helpful to use either Zotero (available on the web), Microsoft Word, or other citation management system for your citation management. Visit the library's Citation Tools page for how to access Zotero. 

For smaller projects, it is often quicker to learn how to compose an accurate citation without using a citation generator, such as EasyBib, BibMe, Citation Machine, or organize your thoughts and work through MS Edge's Collections. You can find citation style guides on the first floor of the library in the Reference Collection area.

Using Other People's Ideas

READ: What is a DOI?

A digital object identifier (DOI) is a unique alphanumeric string assigned to identify articles and provides a persistent link to its location. A DOI starts with the number 10.

  • Not all articles will have a DOI.

The DOI can be found:

  • At the top or bottom of the first page of the article near the copyright information:
    DOI in the Article
  • In the database search results or article record:

    DOI in the Database Result

If you already have the DOI, you can use it to locate your article:

1.  From the Library's home page, directly under the main OneSearch box, select CitationLinker

2. OR, add the DOI to the end of the following web address:

For example:

If you have the citation, use CrossRef to locate the DOI

Purdue OWL: APA Formatting Guide


WSU Citation Tools