BIOL 211: Anatomy & Phys. (Wilson)


You need to write a two page (single spaced) paper on a topic related to healthcare. This could be a short paper on a disease, a protein, a medication, what ever you like as long as it relates to healthcare, anatomy or physiology. It must have headings for : Title, Introduction (a paragraph or two that discusses what the paper is about 1/4 -1/2 pages), Body of paper (1-1 1/2 pages), Conclusions (review major points of paper that is 1/4 -1/2 pages), and a Literature Cited list (this will be in addition to the 2-2 1/2 pages of text Single Spaced). Prior to the final draft, you will make edits to three separate rough drafts.


  • Six sources, three scholarly
    You need to include at least 6 different sources (references) for your paper. Of those six, three have to be from peer reviewed (scholarly) journals which can be found in the PubMed database. Along with the final draft of your paper, you must turn in for two of these three scholarly articles: a copy of the first page of the article and a printout of the citation to it from Pubmed.
  • At maximum, two sources can be Web sites
    Of the six sources, at most two can be non-journal Web Sites.
  • Three Sources must be current
    Three of the six sources need to have been published more recently than January 1, 2010.
  • PubMed is not a journal
    Library databases such as PubMed are databases where you can find the citations to articles from scholarly journals. When you cite your sources in the bibliography, make sure to cite the journal name in the reference. Do not put "PubMed" in the place where the journal name goes. A surprising number of students have made that mistake.



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