MCOM 308: Research in Mass Communication

Do I have to read the whole book?

No. That's a common concern among student researchers. When you're starting your research, use the index in the back of the book to find the information you need. Odds are you just need one or two chapters of a book.

Resource Sharing

Resource sharing, sometimes referred to as Interlibrary Loan (ILL), allows you to get books, book chapters, DVDs, and articles that aren't available in Krueger Library.

Physical items, like books and DVDs, can take a week or longer to arrive. Online articles or book chapter scans often arrive faster and are sent directly to your email.

To learn more about resource sharing including how to make a request, check out the Borrow and Renew section of the library's website.

Books are fantastic resources to use for your research because they contain a lot of background knowledge that can help you as you narrow the scope of your topic. Academic journal articles, on the other hand, are typically in depth analysis or study of a highly specialized research question. Knowing how to use these two types of sources can help you identify the information source you need to fill the gaps in your knowledge.

What is OneSearch?

OneSearch is the library's discovery layer to help you find books, articles, and more. It's the main tool to find what books we have in Krueger Library. You'll find physical books with a location and call number to help you locate the book in the library.

E-books are available through the databases and a link will appear to allow you to read it in a browser.

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