CMST 283: Intro to Rhetorical Studies (Gaffey)

Finding Web Sources

To find speeches, letters, or lyrics from the past year, think about your keywords and where these sources might appear within the context.

For example, if you want to analyze US Interior Secretary Haaland's Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative you might look at the Department of Interior website. You could also do a search for Secretary Haaland + Keynote + Speech in a search engine to find her keynote address to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Keywords to add to a search:

  • speech / speeches / commencement speech
  • keynote / keynote address
  • letter / open letter
  • oral statement

Search engine tools:

  • include / .org / .edu to search for your keywords on a site that ends with that domain
    • Example: Deb Haaland will retrieve the keyword (Deb Haaland) on government websites
  • use the tools to limit your search to the last year