MECP 610: Home, Community, Work Analysis

This library guide will provide an introduction to library resources and research approaches for MECP 610. "Home, Community, Work Analysis" is the second course in the Multicultural Education Certificate program (MECP)

Publishing Your Dissertation

This overview by the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP) covers a common question among PhD students: why should I try to publish my dissertation as a monograph? 

The first 20 minutes reviews the pros and cons of different types of publisher.

The rest of the video includes testimonials from professionals who recently published their dissertations as monographs.


What is this page?

Unlike the other pages, this page is not meant to guide you through your assignment. It's meant to give you just a little information about the scholarly publishing cycle. You may find it useful to skim over these items before you begin your critical analysis of abstracts and publications.

As a user of academic databases, you have already engaged a little with a part of this cycle: the dissemination and access of published materials. 

Scholars sometimes challenge traditional ways of publishing, and the current systems are seen as controversial by many; so, if you are interested, you are encouraged to dig deeper and to read more about how your particular area handles publishing. 

What is an Open Access Journal?

Dr. Singh, a psychology professor, breaks down the difference between traditional journals and open access journals. In the process, he explains who pays for publication, the significance of citations for academics, and red flags for predatory journals. 

Introduction to Scholarly Publishing

This video by the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library gives a great introduction into the scholarly publishing cycle. It is more geared towards scholars in the sciences and social sciences, but also refers to the humanities briefly.