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MGMT 495: Strategic Management (Ready)

Public vs. Private Companies

 To determine if the company you are researching is private or public,  try the following:

  • Search the company's website for an "investors relations" (or similar language) link. If it is a public company, they will provide stock exchange information on their site.
  • Search for the company name on EDGAR (free database provided by the Securities and Exchange Commision).  click on Search for Company Filings    If it is a public company, you will retrieve a company report.

Public Company Search Tips!

Business Source Premier and Mergent Intellect provide company information for large, publicly traded companies.  If you are searching for additional company information or for information on a company not found in Business Source Premier or Mergent,  you can search business journals,  newspapers and company websites.

In addition to the company's name, include one of these useful search terms. 

Company analysis, financial performance, sales, profits, market research, forecast (forecasting), market report, target market(ing), market segmentation, corporate profits.

Many public companies make their annual reports freely available on their websites. Look for a link called "Investor Relations"