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What is Flipster?

Flipster is a digital magazine stand that lets you to read magazines on your computer or mobile device.  For access: WSU's Flipster magazines

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How can I access Flipster?

How can I access Flipster?

Via a computer, tablet, or phone:

Click on the Flipster link to easily access a site where you can browse available magazines. You can then click on a magazine to view it within your browser. This means you can access Flipster from any computer, laptop, or mobile device, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Via the Flipster app (iOS and Android):

Use the Flipster app, available through the iTunes store for the iPad and iPhone, and on the Google Play store for Android tablets, to download magazines for offline reading. Simply browse and view magazines through the Flipster link on your library’s website, and select the “Open in App” option to download magazines to the app, where they can be read and managed offline.