CMST 192: Introduction to Speech Communication (Falc)

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Have you run into a paywall where a site asks for money to access an article? Don't pay for information when you have access to a library! Install LibKey Nomad to connect to the WSU Krueger Library's journal holdings. If we don't have full text, you can easily request an article through Resource Sharing.

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Search your browser's extension menu for LibKey Nomad then search for Winona State University

Advanced Search Techniques

  • Boolean Searching = using the AND, OR, and NOT operators to broaden or narrow a search
    • OR = includes either or both terms in your results
    • AND = retrieves results with both terms
    • NOT = excludes search word or phrase
  • Phrase Searching = telling the database to search a string of words as a phrase rather than individually
    • “communication privacy management theory” retrieves fewer, more relevant results than searching without “”
  • Truncation =  using an * to find alternate endings to root words
    • Self-disclos* will retrieve results containing self-disclose, self-disclosed, self-disclosure, self-disclosures
  • Subject Linking = using the hyperlinked subject terms to find relevant information
    • Subjects are assigned to a source to classify what it's about
    • Searching or using the hyperlinked subject terms retrieves more relevant results

Use in combination across several searches!

This guide will help you find resources and information for your assignments in CMST 192. On each page you will find useful resources that will help you meet the requirements of your informative speech. 

If you need help with library search tools and resources, just click on the Get Help tab or use the Contact your Librarian box below the navigation pane. For other questions about your assignment, consult with your professor.

Select Database by Subject

If your topic is outside the discipline of Communication Studies, explore the databases listed under other subjects.

Communication Studies Databases

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