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The Common Book Project

The Common Book reading brings together a large community of readers in the discussion of a single work.

Start with the book

Return to the chapter or section that has influenced your topic selection:

  • Write down the terms that describe your topic or are related to your topic. Terms used by experts are typically terms that can be used in the databases and catalogs to locate reliable sources.


  • Is there a specialist, organization, or company referenced or discussed? Write down the name. You can search for more information about them in the databases or a reputable website.


  • Turn to the "Notes" section and review the notes for your chapter. Is there a reference that you'd like to find? Record the citation. Use this guide or speak with your professor or a librarian in how to locate the source.


  • Review the sources listed in the "Bibliography".  Many of these sources can be found through the library catalog (books) or the databases (articles).

Once you've completed the above, you are ready to further your research using the library's catalog and databases to locate credible and authoritative resources.