ENG 111: College Reading and Writing (Brault)

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The WSU Library has a modest collection of researched materials. For most research topics, you will be able to locate credible books within our collection. Use the WSU Library Catalog (linked below) to locate books in our library. 

Krueger Library Doesn't Have It

For some topics you may discover that the Krueger library does not own enough books or other materials for you to develop a thoughtful and in-depth understanding of the topic. The Krueger Library has a great collection; however, it is modest in size when you compare to the University of Minnesota or University of Wisconsin. We are fortunate, though, that when the Krueger Library does not own the book, article, films, music score, CD, or other materials, you may request it from another library using the Krueger Library Interlibrary Loan Service. This service is not for textbooks; textbooks are available at the WSU bookstore.

When searching for books, use the database called Worldcat (linked below). You will also find instructions on how to request books through WorldCat on the Find Books (Step-by-Step) Guide.

How do I know it's scholarly?

How do I know the book is scholarly? 

Author: credentials; a scholar, expert, or professional in the field or discipline of the book topic. 

Purpose: discuss original research, analysis, or research in a particular discipline. 

Cited Sources: lists sources either in the bibliography, end notes, or footnotes. The majority of the sources are also academic/scholarly. 

Audience: written for other scholars/experts. Written in the language/jargon of the discipline. 

Publisher:  Academic press (i.e. MIT Press, Oxford University Press, University of Illinois Press; or by a commercial academic press (i.e. Norton, Routledge, Springer) 

Find Books (Step-by-Step Guide)

This "How do I..." guide will instruct you on how to locate materials in the WSU Library Catalog, WorldCat, request items from other libraries, and more.

Find Books

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