ENG 220 : Introduction to African American Literature (Michlitsch)

Reference Sources - Physically In the Library

Find a Book - Using a Library Catalog

To search for books about a person: 

  1. From the library homepage, select Catalog from the RESEARCH menu. 

  2. Search for the person's name or title of work as a SUBJECT.

  3. Type in the name (last name, first name).

  4. To ensure that you have located all books that discuss a specific person: 
    • Complete an ALL FIELDS or KEYWORD search for the name or title. This type of search is successful when the name or title is not an assigned subject in the book record. Instead, the name appears in the contents section of the book record.

  5. Click on the book title for more information and a description. From here, you may able be to look at the table of contents or view a list of subjects associated with the book. Also, note the similar items along the right side.

  6. Cite, email, text, or export the information using the links at the top.

  7. Write down the call number. Each book has its own call number and is organized by subject. 

  8. Make sure the book is available before you...

  9. Go to the shelves to find your book. Main collection books are on the 2nd floor, while the reference collection is on the main floor, behind the reference desk.

  10. Remember to browse. It's one of the best strategies for locating additional books.

Databases - Via the library's website

To access these resources, you need to use the links either through the library's site or this page because you have to be authenticated as a user with your WSU username and password.