NURS 652: Financial Resource Management in Nursing Service


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Business Plan Assignment

1. This assignment will be done within a group of 2 people who are currently in the course or individually.

2. Each group/individual should develop an idea for a new service needed in your organization or you may develop an idea for a completely new service outside of an organization. Be creative. Describe a plan which meets a community or organizational need. It is hypothetical, and so dreaming big is encouraged here. You will be evaluated on the application of the steps of the process, so it is OK (encouraged even :)) to describe a business that may have never been done before.

3. Below are the requirements for what is to be included in your business plan. Some of the items (i.e., market analysis, budget estimates, and financial analysis) would not be possible to complete due to this being a hypothetical situation, but you are expected to describe what you would do for each of these areas. For example, for the market analysis, explain what would you do, who would you contact, and what resources would you use? For the budget estimates, what are the appropriate budget items to include and why? What financial analysis would you complete?

4. The Business Plan should include:

  • a. Executive Summary
  • b. Problem or Need Identification (Why do it?)
  • c. Product Definition
  • d. Market Analysis
  • e. Budget Estimates
  • f. Financial Analysis
  • g. Timeline
  • h. Conclusion and Feasibility Statement

5. The Business Plan is due on Dec 1st, 11:59 p.m. (to the D2L dropbox and as an in-class presentation).