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Business Plan Video Pitch and Paper

Business Plan Video Pitch and Paper

This assignment will be a part of your WOC Capstone Project. You will start it in the Professional Practice course but complete the final paper as you move through the certificate program. Please make sure you watch the Business Plan Video Pitch and Paper Instructions recording before you start the project. Complete instructions are within the course.

This project will help you in developing leadership skills, role justification, as well as educating others about the value of a WOC nurse. You will be in groups for this project. Work as a team. You may divide the work based on your strengths or if needed, challenge yourself in an area of the plan that you would like to learn more about. Be innovative! Think outside the box! Planning requires time, do not leave this to the last minute!

Step 1: Find a Group and Topic Go to the Discussion Board to find a group. Groups should be between 3-4 people.
Step 2: Decide your Plan You will be creating your plan from the following options:
1. Create a business plan for a new WOC business you plan to start.
2. Create a business plan for changes/additions to an existing WOC program.
Step 3: Initial Draft – Research and Planning As a group, draft the first sections of your Business Plan Paper. This draft will be used to produce a short Business Plan Pitch video presentation marketing your plan.
1. Present Situation
2. Objectives/SMART Goals
3. Business/Product Description
4. Operational Plan
Step 4: Video Pitch/Presentation Using the above drafted paper, create a short 5-7 minute video presentation with high level overview of the plan and will get constructive feedback from your peers. At the end of the presentation, highlight what questions or problems you need help solving with your plan?
Step 5: Business Plan Paper After reviewing the feedback on the discussion board, Write the final version of your Business Plan, including the Executive Summary (1-5 pages), which is designed to be written last. You will also include hypothetical financial projections (high level cost summary). Include a list of references to support your plan.


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