HIST 397: History of the Civil Rights Movement



In order to complete the requirements for this research paper, you will need to use seven different primary sources in researching your topic. These seven primary sources must represent at least two different kinds of primary sources, such as four newspaper articles and three autobiographies. . If you have a book that is a collected volumes of primary sources (like a volume of letters), you can only use two sources from that collected volume. Additionally, you must have at least two secondary sources.



The tools you use to identify a primary source are essentially the same as those that you would use to identify ANY book or article relevant to your topic. Autobiographies, memoirs and collections of letters are generally published in book form. An article written during the time you are researching (thus qualifying as a primary source) was likely published in a magazine. Just as a bibliography at the end of a scholarly book lists the secondary sources that scholar used to support his or her thesis, that bibliography will also note all primary sources used. Additionally, many specialized reference sources list primary materials. On the other pages of this guide, you will find links to a variety of resources that you will use to identify primary sources.


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