CMST 266: Professional Communication Skills (Makstenieks)

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Associations provide career support and mentoring for students and professionals. Search for an association related to your career and/or industry.

Example: book editor

Search: book editor association


  • ACES: The Society for Editing
  • National Association of Independent Writers and Editors
  • American Association of Publishers
  • American Association of University Publishers
  • Editcetera
  • Society of Scholarly Publishing

Tip: add a state to find a local association

Search: publisher association Minnesota


  • Minnesota Media & Publishing Association
  • Minnesota Book Publishers Roundtable
  • Midwest Independent Publishing Association

What are citation tools?

Citation tools (sometimes called citation managers or reference managers) are programs that help you organize and cite your sources. You can export citations and articles from databases directly into your citation tool of choice, then use the same program to automatically cite your sources in Word and create a bibliography when your research is complete.

Two citation tools we recommend are RefWorks and Zotero.

Want to get started with citations, but don't know how? Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) is an excellent resource for creating citations:

Purdue OWL's APA Guide

Purdue OWL's MLA Guide

Purdue OWL's Chicago Style Guide

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